Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Crazy Thought: Jesus Watches Cops

Okay, before I go any further I have a confession to make... My name is Joe and I watch COPS.

Now that this is known let me get to the point. I had a crazy thought last night as I was looking to try and spot any of my relatives on COPS when this thought occurred to me...

What would Jesus say if He was sitting on my couch and seen an episode of COPS?

Call me crazy, but I couldn't shake this thought at all! I really do wonder what he would have to say about such a show. Here are some possible scenerio's that ran across my mind...

  1. He wouldn't waste his time and choose to not even watch it.
  2. He would let the show serve as a tool to teach.
  3. He would just sit and cry through the entire thing.
  4. He would go and minister to the ones being arrested. (Even though the shows happened a while back.)
  5. He would wonder why we, as His disciples, would waste our time watching such a show when things like that could have been prevented if we were truly reaching the lost like we could be doing.
  6. He would ask me what I was doing with the people in my life who are headed down that road.

And then BAM it hit me really hard...

I pictured Jesus saying to me, "Joe, you just seen a 30 minute episode, only a portion of what I see all the time every day!"

We really only see the episodes of COPS that were "caught in action", the episodes that made it on film. Jesus sees everything that we don't see. Nothing is hidden from God and so he sees all the nasty stuff that we can only imagine happens.

Jesus sees His version of COPS 24-7. And yet he still cares and is compassionate about us.

I remember an episode of COPS in particular where I felt like, "these people deserve what they get and if I was the Judge I would have no sympathy for them whatsoever!"

The truth is we deserve to be judged and punished for our sin and we will face the ultimate Judge in the end. But what blows me away is that while we deserve the death penalty for acts much similar to those on COPS that we've committed, the grace of God saves us from this.

Wow! What a God we serve and worship.

Jesus watching COPS, just think about it.


  1. Wow.. the point that the show is just 30 minutes and a small portion but God sees it all, 24/7... what a reality check. How truly sad He must be for his creation!

  2. That's an excellent point Joe!!! Can you imagine what Jesus sees??? All the heart break He feels? And how merciful he is....