Friday, November 7, 2008

The Wonder Years

I've been thinking about this for a long time. We all know about the hit show The Wonder Years where Kevin Arnold lived his life and grew up right before our very eyes but I sometimes catch myself thinking about the wonder years of Jesus.

In the Bible we have a New Testament that is filled with the experiences of Jesus in about the last three years of his life but what happened in the previous 30 some years?

Of course there are a few snippets here and there that talk about his birth and the one where he gets lost and Joseph and Mary don't realize he's gone until they are miles away. (Luke 2:43-50) But other than those few instances we really don't have anything else.

The Bible tells us that Jesus came to live and experience everything that we do. The temptations, hardships, heartaches and disappointments. I have reason to believe that was what was taking place in the wonder years. He came and took on the human form so that he could be the perfect atonement for all of us.

Maybe what was happening in the wonder years was just that, the making of the perfect atonement.

No doubt Jesus lived the perfect life all of his life but sometimes you just can't help but wonder about those wonder years huh?

What are some of your thoughts about the wonder years of Jesus?


  1. Are you kidding me - I just wrote the longest post & it's gone.....UGH - let me see if I can do it again!

  2. I always wondered that myself. I just wonder if no one really took "notice" of a child. Even though he was special, I can see the stories of how he was lost coming from Mary - her sitting around telling the disciples "You should have seen that boy of mine - we couldnt find him anywhere...he was in so much trouble!"

    But we dont really take notice of a child today that will turn into the President - its when they do amazing things that we take notice...same with Jesus.

    Did he raise his dogs up from the dead? Did he walk on water to prank his friends? Oh - it would have been fun to see Jesus as a boy!

  3. Those are some pretty good insights Rebecca.

    I never really thought of it like that :)

  4. I once did an entire children's sermon on this very thing. I brought babies to men showing the kids that Jesus grew just like they did. That he skinned his knees, climbed trees and his momma probably yelled, "Jesus, if you fall out of that tree you'll break your leg. Get down now before I spank you!!" Cause I gotta believe that if God gave his son a mom, she had to yell at him! That is what a mom does! Then can you imagine Mary... Uh... okay... I just yelled at God!!!! HA!! And I've always thought that he was probably a quiet child... but one everyone was drawn to... telling him their problems... just comfortable to hang with... yeah... it would be cool to know more about him as a child... but isn't it almost more fun to wonder?!