Monday, November 3, 2008

Evangelism In The Future

Last night something very interesting happened.

I was online looking up some things for my next small group study and all of a sudden my brother popped up on yahoo messenger. We started talking about the usual introductory things a person usually goes through..."How you been, what are you doing", etc.

But then we started talking about the Bible and what it really means to have a relationship with God.

First off I guess I should inform you that my brother is not a Christian. He is in college at U of L and is younger than I am so needless to say I was thrilled that we started talking about the one person he needs the most...Jesus!

So anyway, he asks me a bunch of questions that I try to answer for him to the best of my understanding and let me tell you, this goes on for at least an hour!

I was talking to my brother about the Lord and some questions he had for a good hour!

And I've been thinking about that this morning.

How will Evangelism look in the future?

We already have blogs and websites that we can visit to draw inspiration and get a sense of direction from but what else could lie ahead for us Christians to use as tools to reach the lost?

I was using the simple tool of chatting and was able to talk to my brother for over an hour.

I sometimes wonder as the world grows more and more advanced how we are going to keep up with trying to minister to a world that seems to be growing more and more out of the "traditional" customs that evangelism has been used to using. And then I think to myself, maybe we'll be okay after all. Maybe we'll be able to keep up with reaching the lost just fine. As long as we are seeking the opportunities that are out there and available.

I think just about anything can be used for growing the kingdom of God and spreading His message.

What are your thoughts or experiences on what the future holds for evangelism?


  1. Look at where you posted this...a BLOG!!! There are so many Christians who use this tool to reach people every day... and how about Godtube???? God can utilize ANYTHING he wants to reach the lost.... even instant messaging!!!!

  2. I think the future makes it even more exciting. Will it be easier to spread the word of God through email or via internet in a country that will not allow the name of God to be spoken? Possibly! And your brother may have felt more comfortable not having the "face to face" talk too - I think there are so many possibilites of GREAT things with the future & ministry!

    I know I find some amazing things that speak to me of God through the internet or through people I'll never meet but God works through anyways.