Thursday, September 4, 2008

Good Advice

  1. Love God MORE than you fear Hell!
    (This would definitely change the way we live our faith!)

  2. Once a week, let a child take you on a walk.

  3. Make major decisions in a cemetery.

  4. When no one is watching, live as if someone is.

  5. Succeed at home first.

  6. Don't spend tomorrow's money today.

  7. Pray twice as much as you fret.

  8. Listen twice as much as you speak.

  9. Never outgrow your love of sunsets.

  10. God has forgiven you, you'd be wise to do the same!
    (We must be able to forgive ourselves of past mistakes. God has set us free from those chains and we can't keep wearing them!)

  11. When you can't trace God's hand, trust His heart.

  12. Toot your own horn and the notes will be flat.

  13. The book of life is lived in chapters, so know your page number.

  14. Live your Christianity.

Max Lucado, In the eye of the storm

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