Monday, September 29, 2008

And I Thought TAG Was A Body Spray!

It appears that Rebecca Jo has tagged me. (And I thought that TAG was some kind of body spray). This could be fun so I guess I will play along...

  1. I guess to start out with the first weird and/or random fact about me would be the fact that I can pop my ear. Yeah, you read it right, I can really pop my ear. I don't know how I found out about this but one day when I was little I just reached up, grabbed my ear and found out that I could pop it loudly! ( I think it has something to do with my aunt always messing with my ears when I was a baby.) Next time you see me ask and I will do it for you.

  2. Next I would have to say that I CANNOT stand the feel of my fingers when they've been in water too long! Some people call this the "Prune" fingers but I call it the "worst feeling in the world." I would never stay in the bathtub long enough as a kid to let my hands get that way if I could help it. And to this day if I'm in a swimming pool I'm only in for about 10 minutes tops because of this!

  3. I simply can't and WILL NOT go to bed without checking to make sure the doors are locked and the oven and every burner on the stove is off! I have no idea where this paranoia comes from or even originated but something about laying down without doing this will cause me to get up and check it just to make sure before I can sleep. (Yeah, I'm a weirdo).

  4. I love to eat Oreos and drink a Coke in bed right before I go to sleep! (Yes I brush my teeth afterwords in case you was wondering). I have no idea how this one started. I think one night I was just craving my favorite snack and decided upon Coke and Oreos and it started a love that was just meant to be. Ah, how sweet they are! :)

  5. I HAVE to put my right sock on first then my right shoe, then my left sock and my left shoe. This is how it's always been done and anything different would be uncivilized for me! (I have a feeling you are thinking I am more and more weird!)

  6. I absolutely REFUSE to let Erica mow the lawn or take out the trash! I wasn't raised that way and I'm not about to change any of it. There's just something about the thought of my Princess having to mow the lawn or take out the trash that absolutely drives me crazy! And I know she appreciates this one too so it may not be too weird after all. :)

  7. And finally I think the one that probably drives my Princess crazy the most is my obsession with having to check the alarm clock multiple times before I can go to sleep! (By now I'm sure you may be detecting a small hint of OCD tendencies). This one really drives her crazy and I've gotten better actually (from checking it 10 times to 5 times) but I know I could still improve some.

And now you know only some of the "minor" weirdness's that make up who I am. Here are a few people that I choose to tag...

  1. Junior (The Water Blogger) - His should be interesting if he complies.
  2. Jeremy (The Tree House) - This guy is definitely full of weirdness!
  3. Kim (Everyday At The Beach) - She is pretty quite and reserved so she could be interesting.

Being that Rebecca and others who were tagged have already tagged some of the people I would have chosen my list is short. So hopefully these guys will comply and we can learn some interesting things about them!

P.S. I'm not the only weirdo in the world either!


  1. You're a weird-o Joe!!! JOKING!

    I never knew that about you & water! That's funny!

    And tell Ricky that a Princess shouldnt take out the garbage - I HATE that job!

    After hearing everyone else's "odd" things - I want no more picking on me & my cereal weirdness!!! :-)

  2. Okay... Oreo's and COKE???? What happened to Milk???????? I mean come on!!!! Just please tell me you don't dunk!!!!!!!

  3. No Lynn I do not dunk the Oreo's in the Coke. :)

  4. Robert checks the alarm clock a lot too. And now that you bring up the subject of socks. If I take off my socks and then put them back on (which I hate to do) they have to go on the original feet that they were on. The big toe always leaves a mark on my socks. Anyway.... you're not TOO wierd!!

  5. I can think of a few other weird things!! Two big ones that he left out were that he hates for his lips to touch a spoon so he rakes his teeth on them (drives me crazy) and I can carry a full on conversation with him in his sleep! Sometimes if I can't sleep I will just talk to him and he always talks back but never remembers it. Even with all of your "weirdness" I still love you!!