Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hold 'em up!

Here lately I haven't been feeling as "on fire" as I have in times past. This was really getting me down and causing me to doubt myself and my relationship with the Lord. Satan's attacks come much easier once we are down and out! Especially if we are already spread pretty thin.

Then yesterday I had two incredible men of the Lord pray for me and offer their support. Which right away started helping me but one of the guys said something that I'll not soon forget. He gave me the example in Exodus 17:11-12 where we learn that Moses is holding his hands up in order that the Israelites would defeat the Amalekites. Well as you may have guessed the battle took a while and eventually Moses' hands grew very tired. So Aaron and Hur sit moses down on a rock and each man took one of Moses' hands and held it up for him!

And as this was shared with me I thought about how important it is for us to allow our friends to pray, encourage and just be there for us. You see even though these guys didn't literally hold my hands up they were there for me just like Aaron and Hur was there for Moses.

That's what we've got to get to in regards to our fellowship with other Christians. A dedication and concern for one another that looks like the example we see in Exodus 17:11-12.

Is there anyone you can help hold up right now?

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