Monday, July 21, 2008

Deep Water

I loved Chad's message yesterday about Deep Water. The analogy was perfect and the scripture was one that I haven't noticed before. Ezekiel 47 describes a river flowing out from the threshold of a temple and when followed, goes from being shallow to very deep. The way Chad described it was that it seems like some Christians have become so comfortable in the shallow end of the water (where they are in control because they have the traction there). But that God is calling some of us into deeper water (where only God is in control because we have no traction there) and we are ignoring his beckoning!

He summed it up like this... If we are ignoring God's calling us into deeper water we are essentially sinning!

I think that was quoted by Sean Smith? I can't remember off the top of my head.


For many months now I have felt like my intimate relationship with the Lord has improved a lot and that I have been getting closer to him (going into the deep end). But as I heard this fresh and with new eyes yesterday I sensed that maybe I waded out to my neck and for some reason stopped there. Maybe it's because I can still keep my feet on solid ground and have some traction. So I realize the need to go even deeper. To get so consumed by the calling of the Lord that I lose ALL control.

I know that recently I've felt like I've been doing a good job in this and yet I know deep down that I could be doing better or swimming to the deepest end of the pool. I wonder sometimes if maybe the disciples felt this way? That maybe somehow they got caught up so much in the everyday routine with Jesus that they too became comfortable and didn't really go as deep as they could have? How likely would it have been for you to become comfortable if you spent about 3 years with Jesus?

Maybe that is why the Bible tells us to renew our minds daily, so that we won't become comfortable and not go deeper.

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