Thursday, May 15, 2008


Well, here I find myself once again asking the question that I already know the answer to... Why does the work of ministry have to be so difficult and challenging?

I realize that we are in a spiritual battle, one that will never be understood or even comprehended until that wonderful day when we are united with our creator, but at the same time it doesn't stop me and some people I know from feeling beat up, broken and left for dead asking ourselves why it has to be so hard. Pastor Perry Noble talks about this very thing in one of his Q & A sessions with a reader. He is asked if working in the ministry, ( and I feel like it applies in all areas of ministry, be it children's, worship, youth, or whatever) ever gets any easier.

I heard it said many times from many people in the ministry that their position is not one that is to be desired. In other words people don't understand how brutally hard it can be until you've already been drafted and serving on the front lines. I'm sure it's that way with the military we have here in America. You sign up, train and until you are on the front lines you had no idea how hard it was going to be.

Only thing is in ministry it's a little less visible. It's a little harder to see the enemy until you are struck. Then it's too late and you're left wondering if it was the enemy or if it was you? Did Satan really keep me from doing a good job in my lesson tonight or was it that I'm just not cut out to be a teacher/speaker/preacher? Satan does a great job of always making us feel like everything is our fault. He creates that confusion that makes us question everything. Because where there is doubt there is no faith, and if he can get us to that point then he has us where he wants us.

It is a scary thing indeed, this ministry stuff. But we have to keep on keeping on because we know that the battle we are fighting will be difficult. He never promised us that it would be easy.

The best thing about it though is that we already know who wins in the end!

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  1. I think all of you guys: you, Erica, Ryan, Rebecca, Jeremy, etc., that are pouring their time and energy into these kids are awesome. Great things are happening around here because you all allow the Spirit to move in you so Jesus can get to these kids. You're doing a great job - and I'm honored to be a part of the support system.