Friday, April 18, 2008


A few things I learned this week include...

  • The power of prayer! In a powerful way members of the church came together at Round 2 on Wednesday night for a time of nothing but prayer and worship. And what an inspiring and powerful experience it was! I've been looking deeper into my own personal prayer life here lately and this helped me in ways that I desperately needed.

  • Feeling your entire house shake for a few minutes can wake you up and make you take notice of the awesome and mighty power that God has. A small earthquake that took place this morning gave us a small scare as we was trying to figure out what was causing the house to shake. We couldn't believe it when we heard that it was a 5.4 measured earthquake.

After hearing last week about how the early church prayed so hard that the earth shook I wondered what I would have thought if this would have happened while I was praying this morning?

  • It's good to see someone has finally took a stand and faced the opposing views of the Creation, I'm excited to see Ben Stein's new movie "Expelled". (For more information on that see my previous blog post).

  • Spring and warmer weather does more for the soul and spirit than we sometimes realize. It's amazing how spending time outdoors in warm weather can improve and lift your spirits.

Anyone have any thoughts or comments on the earthquake this morning?


  1. I think it must mean that Jesus is coming back soon! :) No really- let the church be alert of the signs of the second coming, because I believe we are in the season!

  2. I agree with Jennifer... that very thought popped into my mind AFTER the shaking subsided (lasted around 30 seconds here is Pekin/Salem area!) And... I didn't know that I could jump out of bed so quickly! So much for "gently awakening!"

  3. It hit me this morning what Chad said about the walls shaking when people prayed. I thought, OH MY GOSH - is someone or some church praying right now so powerful in the Spirit!!

    I have to admit though - I slept right through it! Ain't NOTHING waking me from my sleep!