Friday, April 11, 2008


There are a lot of reflections to speak of this week...

  • An overnight youth retreat without any sleep still takes it out of me. I would have thought that only being 25 I would still have it in me to be able to stay up the whole night but I thought wrong. I was wore out the next day.

  • Dodge ball at any age is still tons of fun! Especially when you have your wife on the other side to throw at! :)

  • Playing basketball inside on carpet is not a good idea. We wasn't at the youth retreat for 5 minutes when Ryan ended up hurting himself pretty bad. To see what I mean click here.

  • A 4 hour event at a fun park is fun but can take it out of you when you've not had any sleep. The best part about it was the mini-golf and the laser tag.

  • What do you mean I wore a black dress for Deal or No Deal? I have no idea what you're talking about!

  • There is a power that the early church had that our church is craving to grab ahold of. I pray that we will get on that spiritual level and allow God to work in us the way He did through the early church.

  • Prayer is something that must become a top priority in my life. I thought I did it enough and was consistent with it, that is until I heard Sunday's message. I pray that my prayer life reaches a whole new level.

  • Perseverance is a word that took on a whole new meaning in my life this week. For more on that see my post labeled Perseverance.

  • Mowing the lawn for the first time this year is a little slice of heaven. Yeah I'm weird like that!

  • Ghost Recon... Need I say more? If you don't know what that is it is a really fun video game to play in which you have to go on a mission to "save the world". It wouldn't be half as fun as it is without the right friends to play with. Play it once and you're addicted, no joke!


  1. You guys & your Ghost Recon!!!

    And I think we need to start our own dodge ball league!

  2. Yea, about the dodge ball. Wasn't I the one who got you out? That is what I thought. And yes you were in a dress and might I add that you looked fantastic it. Black is you color! Love you